A sophisticated trade management platform for Federal Home Loan Banks, regional and local banks

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Serving the Federal Home Loan Banks, GSEs, Hedge Funds

Epsilon Consulting Services is a boutique solutions vendor dedicated to serving GSEs, hedge funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions.  

Over the past fifteen years, we have implemented numerous capital markets banking solutions for our Home Loan Bank clients in Trade Qualification, Trade Pricing, Trade Capture, Trade Management, Financial Risk, Financial Accounting, Business Process Design and Model Validation.  

ETS is the culmination of this experience and designed from the ground up for our FHL Bank clients.

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ETS allows you to pre-qualify, capture, process, and manage all of the bank’s trades and portfolios on one platform. This enables a single view of the entire balance sheet of the bank.

Debashis Sen, CEO, Epsilon


Designed from the ground up.

Designed specifically for the Federal Home Loan Banks, ETS is a comprehensive and sophisticated trade management platform. It allows you to pre-qualify, capture, process, manage and report the entire balance sheet in one system.

Fully configurable and intuitive workflow builder.

ETS comes with a fully configurable and intuitive workflow builder which allows the user to design a truly exception-based STP system.

The powerful rules-based engine facilitates a wide variety of automated tasks, reducing manual handling and mitigating your operational risk. 

Finally, with the state-of-the-art Integration Framework, ETS enables our clients to use their existing valuation, risk and accounting engines without having to maintain a siloed solution structure. 

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With ETS as your core trading application

You can view all of your Balance Sheet in one place. ETS supports all of your advance, investment and funding products.

You can unify processing of overnight and other trades originating from your portal.

You can directly interface with Office of Finance repository for bond definitions with out-of-the-box integration with OFIN.

You can greatly automate an exception-based workflow to process and manage all trades, with full compliance and audit transparency. ETS Workflow Engine may be configured to support your business processes for advance, funding and trade execution. The same workflow engine could also be configured to support onboarding of a new Member or lifecycle management of an existing Member.

ETS Document Manager allows you to create, manage and distribute all documents related to a Member or a trade.

You can use our core valuation library, or easily integrate your favored valuation engine, to analyze your portfolio, hedge and other aspects your balance sheet quickly, using live market data.

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